October 26, 2020

St. Mary's Bulletin Board

Nurturing, Challenging and Connecting All Hearts and Minds

Today in M.S.

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Right now…

  • We are ready to welcome students to campus.  Please be consistent in enforcing the safety protocols in a firm, but fair manner.  Specifically reinforce the positive behavior you are observing.
  • Remember to take attendance in PowerSchool each period.
  • Show the health and safety protocol video during Period 2 (@13 minutes). (Exception G8 has arranged for Brit to show it to all his science classes.)
  • I will make every attempt to stop by the 8th grade homerooms to welcome the students to this school year.
  • I have included the Environmental Controls sheet as a link in the MS Teacher’s Handbook under Miscellaneous.  Also the Extension link has been updated.
  • Teachers can purchase Bento Lunches from Cezar’s starting today.  You can sign up, ¥37,500 for 50 lunches.
  • Show grace to yourself and others, we are all doing our utmost.

Get ready…

  • Grade 7 starts tomorrow. 

For the record books…

  • It’s been nearly 6 months since we have met on campus with students.

Supervision…(see the schedule for specific location and time)

  • Morning:  Period 1 teachers, Hendrickson, Antal, Thiesen, A.Kim
  • Cafeteria:  Ramos-Virley, Jones
  • Field:  Rocha, Dixon
  • Bridge:  Rachel Stenson
  • Intramurals:  Rocha, Shircliff
  • Dismissal:  Southall
  • Let’s all do our part during passing periods